COURT PHOTOS COURT PHOTOS Court with one of his many nieces. Circa 1950 117772671 A Young Court Stone 117772672 My uncle at my house playing a duet with his sister 117772673 Passport photo, circa 1970's 117772674 The House on Glengrove where he taught. And the opening of the music teaching business. 117772675 Court and his mom Louise, A musical duo. 117772676 Court and his mother- Working together 119045563 A Musical Family Giles Stone, Kaireen Stone, Court, Arthur, Louise, Jack Stone 119045565 Uncle Court 119321327 Court and sister Kaireen Louise 119321328 Flashy Coourt and Pokey 119321329 Court and Kaireen Louise 119321330 Arthur Shilling paints Court 119321331 Court Kaireen 119321332 Court in the 40's 119321333