Piano Music of Court Stone


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 Here is a list of SHEET MUSIC available: ($3.00 each)

(there is also a cd of Court's music played by Dr. Gregory Butler- $10.00) 

Canadian Rhapsody No.1 The Laurentians

Canadian Rhapsody No.2 The Rockies


Five Preludes

Four Pieces for Young Pianists

From A Spanish Picture Book: One Sunny Afternoon, Romanza, Serenade

Gaspesienne (for two pianos) 


Old Country Suite

Ottawa Valley Song

Strange Bird/Ojibway Rain Dance

Three Easy Pieces

Town and Country Suite

Two Romantic Preludes

Variations on a Dorian Theme

What My Dreams Always Say (for voice and piano) 


 About Court Stone

Welcome to the life and music of Court Stone, 1919-1983. Court was a Canadian pianist, composer and teacher who grew up in Renfrew Ontario and lived in Toronto for most of his career. He retired to Orillia where he died of bone cancer.  He was 65.

Court wrote musicals with his mother in his younger years, and the plays were often performed at Hart House at the University of Toronto. He also composed pieces for the piano which have become well-known and have been in the Conservatory books as well as played at Festivals. His pieces are played by Canadian piano students. One student uploaded to Youtube his "OTTAWA VALLEY SONG". (SEE "LINKS")

Court Stone's sheet music is available for purchase. Each piece is $3.00 plus postage and is payable upon receipt of your music. Please email:

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